DIFFERENT ENERGIES DZ N° 016.15 November 12, 2015


Algeria has the different sources of energy, raw materials used to have energy Fossil while natural phenomena are sources of renewable energy.

1. fossil fuels:

Fossil energy comes from the burning of organic matter stored in the depths of the earth Algeria. Their genesis is spread over millions of years.

With a view to preserving our resources for future generations, Algeria embarked on new energy, clean and renewable.


2. Renewable energy:

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies are characterized by the fact that they are clean and tarissables. They result from natural phenomena such as wind, water movement and solar radiation ...

Hydropower: This energy is produced in hydroelectric power plants where the water movement is converted into electrical energy.
Wind energy: Large areas of the Algerian territory is crossed by a fast wind that provides a cheap source of energy and non-polluting. Generators installed on top of wind turbines convert the mechanical energy aroused by the wind into electrical energy.
Solar Photovoltaic Energy: The Great Sahara represents an invaluable potential for solar energy. Indeed, this energy comes from the conversion of sunlight that is collected by the light sensors on the solar panels into electrical energy (solar photovoltaic) or thermal (solar thermal, as is used in water heaters solar).

Issue No. 16/2015:
Drawing: K.KRIM and S.BOUDIF
Face value: 25.00 and 10.00 DA
Format: 36 x 26
Printer: Printing of the Bank of Algeria.
Printing Process: Offset
Philatelic Document: A first day envelope with obliteration 7.00 DA illustrated first day.

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Emission Philatélique 2015 1545157465327821621

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