Libya 2013 MNH - Prehistoric Animals - Dinosaurs - Complete Sheet

Libya 2013 MNH - Prehistoric Animals - Dinosaurs - Complete Sheet

Rock art occurs in two main areas in Libya: the Tadrart Acacus and the Messak Plateau. The oldest works of rock art, from the Acacus Mountains, are engravings of mammals from the Wild Fauna Period (Early Hunter period) and could be up to 12,000 years old. Thousands of paintings dating from up to 8,000-9,000 years ago show a diversity of imagery and include scenes of hunting, pastoralism, daily life, dancing and a variety of wild and domesticated animals. The Messak Plateau is home to tens of thousands of engravings, and only a few paintings have been located in this region to date. The area is best known for larger-than-life-size engravings of animals such as elephants, rhino and bubalus (a now extinct buffalo), and some of the most iconic depictions in Saharan rock art, such as the ‘Fighting Cats’ scene.

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