FDC celebration of Mother's Day

On the occasion of the celebration of Mother's Day, revealed the largest postage stamp in the world, is dedicated to the «mother Emirates» Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, in honor of the achievements of Her Highness in various fields on the local and regional levels, have been recorded character in the Guinness «Guinness» World Records , where the length of the new character meters and 36 centimeters, with a width of 17 meters and centimeters, has been taken into account in its implementation to achieve the highest international standards and specifications used in the implementation of commemorative stamps. Lead character of the house of the hair of the President of the Board of Trustees of the Family Development Foundation, Ali Salem al-Kaabi, the text «mother Emirates spirit and body .. Ela her hands all Hmokh to time.» And reached the previous record, and was the Dutch character length of 66 cm, width 49 cm, are reported to the Regional Director of the Encyclopedia «Guinness» in the Middle East, Talal Omar.

And Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, President of Zayed University, during the celebration witnessed in front of Hall «mother Emirates» in the conference center at the Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, yesterday morning, to the great prestige operated by «mother Emirates» Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, President of the family Development Foundation, Chairperson of the Women's Union Top General and Chief of motherhood and childhood, in the hearts of the people of the UAE but represent a unique title for the love, and the meaning of exceptional Motherhood not Tefih language right in the description and expression, pointing to the pride of the people of the UAE distinct message that read them always in work «mother Emirates» venerable carried out, taking into their own hands and improve their lives and achieve their hopes and boost their footsteps to forward all the paths of development. He pointed out that the patronage of HH «mother Emirates» for the efforts and initiatives of young update by the Emirati girl, reflect the extent of Her Highness future generations cards confident women, and reinforce the strong commitment of the state of the human factor development, and the commitment of leadership capacity for future generations, and to build bridges of dialogue global peaceful coexistence Development and the exchange of ideas between different cultures. And returns the largest postage stamp in the world initiative bears the slogan «mother Emirates», the editor in chief of the educational Emirates guide, Khadija Saif Al Shehhi, and Saleh al-Naimi, in collaboration with «Emirates Post», and the Family Development Foundation, a group, and pointed Shehhi that «mother Emirates» HH Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, a model for women throughout the world, and this is the least what we are doing compared to Bataúha and achievements, and we hope that this simple gift be a response even for a few of the beautiful and the acknowledgment by the «mother Emirates» Emirates and people of the UAE. And raised the general manager of the Family Development Foundation, Mary Rumaithi, verses congratulations and wishes to «mother Emirates», on behalf of Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees of the Family Development Foundation and all the staff and employees Foundation, who are happy today to be partners in this global achievement, and added that «Hair drafted by House Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the family Development Foundation, Ali bin Salem Al Kaabi, issued character, expressed deep thanks and appreciation for the great efforts made by the efforts (or UAE) Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak. »

He explained Director of Zayed University, Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, that the issuance of character Memorial extraordinary Almsdan behalf «mother Emirates», Her Highness Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, on the International Day for the mother, a single phrase in a big statement to the feelings of love and appreciation and fulfillment, which cherish her Emirates people, valuing keen «mother Emirates» to drive the development of the universities, including the Zayed University, and to encourage students to meet the educational and cultural challenges, referring to the historic role of Her Highness in the empowerment of women and enhance their role in education and employment.

The Group Chief Executive of Emirates Post by proxy, Fahad Al Hosni: «honor Emirates Post Group honored (or UAE), Her Highness Sheikha Fatima girl Mubarak, mediated innovation largest postage stamp in the world in honor of Her Highness on the occasion of Mother's Day».
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