EMIRATES Celebrate the Day of the Arab-mail

Celebrate the Day of the Arab-mail, which marks the third of August each year's Day, Emirates Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of the category (225 fils) and envelope first day of the issuance of a $ (325 fils).

Said Ibrahim Bin Karam, Executive Director Commercial Group Emirates Post Holding that this version comes a reminder of the importance of mail in communities and stages of development witnessed by mail over the centuries service, and is the telecommunications services in Arab countries, one of the main bridges of communication and openness to the global economy as this sector is essential to the development of an engine overall economic. Appropriate and highlights the importance of the Arab communicate in the field of communication and information technology and stand to boost cooperation opportunities for the advancement of e-sector in the Arab countries.

This seeks Emirates Post to monitor, document and highlight local and global achievements in all activities and events important events locally and externally, through commemorative stamps documented that considering the issuance of the stamps and means of communication media and culture that link to various countries and peoples of the world, which gives it widespread historical and message passed between peoples and civilizations.
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FDC 7113177185314064993

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