50th Ann. the installation of the first Chinese Medical Team

50th Ann. the installation of the first Chinese Medical Team

Issue Date: 28/10/2013

Algeria has a special place in the history of China-Africa cooperation, and has witnessed many important events.

After the departure of French medical teams and the pressing need to heal the wounds of war, the Algerian government has launched in March 1963, an emergency call to the international community. China was the first country to respond by sending in April 1963 its first medical team.

Thus, a first group of 13 Chinese medical experts began the great historical mission of the medical profession in the south-western Algeria.

Currently, 1100 Chinese doctors are posted in 48 foreign countries including 42 African countries. The medical team that currently holds in Algeria, the 26th medical mission, composed of 86 people, has eight wilayas namely, Algiers, Saida, Mascara, Tiaret, Batna, Khenchela, Setif and Ain Defla.

Like the health cooperation agreement dating from 1963, cooperation between Algeria and China, across several fields of economic activity, cultural, health, water, energy and education. It takes place in a climate and is crowned with convincing and encouraging success.

Algeria is a country that has tremendous potential. It has a large role to play and China shares with Canada a broad consensus based on common interests.
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